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Albana Roofing is a family-owned company founded in 1993. Our company was founded by Shaban Rabdishta (the father of Sonny Rabdishta our current owner). Shaban came to America in 1987 with nothing except debt. However, thanks to hard work, and a history of building back home, he found a home working for a roofing company. He excelled in his position and decided to found Albana Roofing in 1993 so he could work on providing customers with the best in roofing services.


However, tragedy struck when he got into an accident and broke his spine in multiple places. He was only saved by Sonny’s mother’s timely intervention when she performed CPR (learned from lifetime movies of all places) on him. While he lived, he was forced to stay in the hospital for 6-8 months and employees left and the business struggled as no new work came in due to Shaban’s injuries.

Once Shaban had mostly recovered he tried to once again get back to work. Sonny’s mother helped him by joining in the manual labor in 1996. She also took the time to teach her two sons about the industry at the time as well. When they were old enough the two brother would begin working for the company part-time, and Sonny would go full time in 2006. Sonny’s brother would join in 2009.


Shaban has since passed the mantle of owner onto Sonny, although he continues to work with the company along with Sonny's mother, but our dedication to quality work at an affordable price has not changed. Together Sonny and his brother are following their father's example and directing Albana Roofing to further heights in both workmanship and customer service.

The Rabdishta Family
Flat roof coating
New construction roof and siding
Roof snow removal
siding replacement
residential siding replacement
Ice and water barrier on residential roof
Our Owner

Sonny is the son of Shaban Rabdishta, our founder. Sonny started learning about the industry at an extremely young age when his mother took the time to teach him about the industry. He was a quick learner and would continue to study roofing and help out. In 1999 at the age of 12 he started to help out after school and, with his mother’s encouragement, tried to learn more about the industry.

Ever since 2006 he’s worked in the industry full time and dedicated himself to taking up his father’s mantle. When his brother graduated high school in 2009 he also joined the company full time and together with Sonny they’ve steered Albana Roofing to success.

Albana Roofing LLC

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