Albana Roofing Case Studies: Addition repair

Saturday, July 7th, 2018 by Sonny Rabdishta


The customer called us out to take a look at a leak he was having over his fireplace in the recently built addition in his home. Upon arrival the customer told us he had numerous contractors out to fix the issue and none of them were able to fix it permanently. Water just kept pouring in.


Upon inspection we discovered that the reason for the leak coming in was because the chimney was improperly flashed to begin with. We also noticed that the numerous contractors who came to "fix" the problem, just kept adding more problems on to the area (i.e. Duct tape, Flex seal, Silicone coating, tar). We removed all of the shingle on the section of roof from the gutter line to the peak of the roof, removed the siding that was on the chimney, installed ice and water barrier not only on the entire section, but also up along the chimney as well. we installed the proper flashing around the chimney and installed brand new Owens Corning TruDefinition Duration architectural shingles on that roof section.

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