Albana Roofing Case Studies: Chimney Repair

Wednesday, July 17th, 2019 by Sonny Rabdishta


The homeowner and his wife called us out to inspect a leak that was occuring in their living room causing water to pour into the house every time it rained. They had multiple roofing companies come out to "repair" their roof but nothing seemed to work.


We removed all the shingles and tar that was improperly installed around the chimney. We installed new plywood on the cricket. We installed brand new ice and water barrier around the chimney. We installed brand new step flashing around the chimney as well. We installed GAF Timberline architectural shingles on the roof (To match what was already there.) We properly flashed around the chimney and cricket. The homeowners are happier now knowing their home will stay dry during any storm!

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