RoofMD - Annual Roofing Protection Package

Your roof it the most important feature of your home. It's also the portion of your home that is least thought about. Home in Connecticut see an average of 40-55" of precipitation per year. This includes snow, sleet, as well as freezing rain. Not only that, but Connecticut roofs also feel a broad range of temperatures. Our record low all time (-32 degrees) and our record high (106 degrees) means that your home should be prepared to face over one hundred and thirty two degree variance!

Throughout all this, your roof is doing tireless work to protect you, your loved ones, and the overall investment of your home - all while the elements take their toll on your roof. These efforts go unnoticed while your roof is doing its job properly, but unlike your health, and getting a check-up when your not feeling you best - your roof rarely has a "check-up" before issues arise. 

At Albana Roofing, we're proud to offer RoofMD, a comprehensive protection package designed to keep your roof in perfect health, and prolong the life of your roof - protecting your home for years to come.

For as little as the price of a cup of coffee a day, the roofing experts at Albana Roofing will annually inspect your roof, finding issues that the average homeowner would not notice, including:

  • Annual Pipe Collar Replacement

  • Annual Inspection of Chimney Flashing

  • Annually Inspection of Areas Where Roof Meets Wall

  • Annual Cleaning of Debris

  • Annual Seal Test (Single Seal Quality)

  • Annual Summary Inspection & Report

  • and Much More!

Want to learn how to save $30 off of RoofMD by Albana Roofing, contact us today! 

What If I Already Have a Roof Warranty?

Roof Warranties are a great way to achieve peace of mind that if in the event of a defect exists on your roof system, you will be taken care of.

However, warranties do not make your roof last longer.

In addition, The National Roofing Contractors Association, as well as most major roofing manufacturers, recommend regular service and maintenance to be preformed on a home at least once a year, with additional maintenance to be preformed after serve weather events. 

Your roof system works hard to make sure your family is safe and dry, and ensures your investment is well protected. Let Albana Roofing help your roof protect you today! 


RoofMD starts as low as as a cup a coffee a day. Take advantage of the peace of mind of full roof protection now.

  • $179 per Year for Walkable Roofs 

  • $239 per Year for Non-Walkable Roofs (i.e. steep pitch)

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